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Expected Questions

What Does Upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP (V.7) Mean?
Upgrade means the process of updating a software from version V.5 or V.6 to a newer version. We provided this service to create user of ONYX Pro with new additions in order to make use of the  new additions and features, which are unavailable in the previous versions , that increase the easiness of use software and help in decision making.  

What are requirements of Upgrade?
It is well-known that any user of ONYX Pro must have modern computers in order to facilitate the process of handling software in terms of data storage and speed. We hope that customers read the subject of upgrade from:  Upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP.

Why Upgrade is Important?
To make use of additions and modifications available in the new version, which is regarded as the essence of ONYX Pro team's experience and studies as well as customers' remarks during the previous period. Moreover, to facilitate the process of upgrading  to newer versions because all the numerous modules of ONYX Pro ERP can be logged-on via one log-on window and any of these modules can be used or move between them very easily.

Who Much Time Does Process of Upgrading Take?
This process depends on the last upgrade and the used ONYX Pro version by customer. For example, if the customer uses V.5, this will take lesser time than in case of V.3. In all cases, the process of updating V.5 to V.7  takes lesser than an hour.

Who Should Upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP?
Each customer likes to develop his/her business and makes use of the last update and features.

How I Can Know that I Need Upgrade ONYX Pro ERP?
To make the decision of upgrading, we recommend our customers with the following:
  • Reading the detailed information about the new version to know its additions, modifications, and features unavailable in the previous versions.
  • System administrator should study the new version information and current status of the customer’s used version, as well as review the last orders about which the customer has contacted company or that  he/she wants to enquire.
  • Contact any close branch for ONYX Pro services to get consultations and proper implementation for your ONYX Pro software.

How Can I Know My Current Used Version?
You can know that via what is registered on your used version of software. You can find that on Log-on Window as shown in this form.

Do I lose Data During Process of Upgrading?
No, you don’t. Your data remain the same and you don’t lose any of your data during the process of upgrading. Besides, we recommend our customers to backup their data regularly. Our technical support engineers, who implement the process of upgrading,  backup all data before the process of upgrading. After the process of upgrading, customer must make sure via displaying the last transaction.

Do I Have to Upgrade All Accounting Entities?
It is better to upgrade customer’s used programs in all accounting entities to make use of all features, such as reports related to displaying data from more than a year, ...etc.  

Why Option of Upgrading doesn’t Appear During Log-on?
Because most of companies’ financial networks, on which ONYX Pro Software has been installed, is not connected to internet in order to save their data. The process of upgrading is implemented via a separate screen which can be accessed separately by the engineer to implement the process of upgrading.

Can I Get link of Upgrading from ONYX Pro Website and Implement The Process by Me?
Currently, this is not possible because the process of upgrading must be implemented by a specialist engineer to avoid any errors. In addition to another reasons related to security and maintenance. Also, our customers service is part of our regular commitment for customers to provide them with an engineer of ONYX Pro in order to help the customer in implementing upgrade well within shorter time.

Can We Know New Additions on ONYX Pro To Decide Upgrading or Not?
Yes, you can know Onyx Pro ERP additions, features, and new form. This website includes those information, you can first see the following links: