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General Configuration System

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General Configuration is adapting system settings  to the organization’s general policy and work regulations in order to suit its activity nature and meet its renewable needs. ONYX Pro configuration is regarded as the main structure for implementation in the organization. 
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Defining the functions settings that have influence on the method of using system according to the otganization work mechanism.
  2. Defining the financial period according to the organization activity nature in terms of periods number (monthly, periodic, annual, …etc.) as well as the beginning and end of each period.   
  3. Defining the configurations of currencies, accounts, administrative structure, staff data and others.
  4. Setting up chart of accounts and sub charts of systems such as cost centers, activities, projects ….etc.
  5. Configuring and activating features and functions of all licensed systems for the client.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Easiness of planning work procedures as well as executing the organization vision and regulations.
  2. Specifying functions of sectors, activities, staff according to the organizational structure.
  3. Controlling system using and work procedure according to pre-defined settings and configurations.   

General Configuartion System is the main structure for operating ONYX Pro ERP.

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