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Control and Privileges System

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Control & Privileges Mean the most important functions of System Management which are the control on defining users, granting them privileges, securing data, and ensuring trust in information safety.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Defining users, classifying them to groups and linking them to these groups.
  2. Granting privileges for each users according to the enterprise’s organizational structure and his/her tasks.
  3. Monitoring users transactions and data during carrying out their tasks.
  4. Making backups to secure the organization data.
  5. Opening new accounting entity for the organization new activities of investment according to the granted license.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Easiness of moving configuration and inputs between accounting entities, in addition easiness of users confiruration with the capability of coping user privileges to another.
  2. Defining time of system using such as opening it during work hours as well as closing it out of works hours and holidays.
  3. Regulating users transactions and out measuring their performance by table or graphic reports.
  4. Issuing detailed reports about monitoring users inputs, outputs and transactions.

Control & Privileges System manages granting privileges for all users of ONYX Pro ERP, monitors carrying out users tasks, and evaluates users performance.

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