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Closing & Locking System in closing allows: closing the defined financial period and moving balances to the the following period. In Locking allows:  preventing work on system during a defined period in order to control users for carrying out transactions on time or to stop users or branch for specific purposes. 
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Opening new year and moving configurations as well as inputs at the end of financial period to the new year with the capability to change configuration in the new year or period.
  2. Making the accounting imapcts and completing transactions during the financial period.
  3. Making the accounting adjustments for differences in exchange of foreign currencies.
  4. Moving accounts, inventory, leaves and the other balances from the previous year end to the beginning of new year.
  5. Timely stop of working on system either temporal, general, by user, by branch, or by transactions.  

The Most Important Features:
  1. Automatic evaluation for differencs in exchange of foreign currencies.
  2. Knowing the organization final outcome of profit or loss at the end of of any financial period.
  3. Changing work mechanism in configuration and inputs in the new year easily.
  4. Controlling transactions carrying out on time by staff.

The Process of Closing prevents user from conducting any transaction withing the locked period, and the annual closing moves the balances of all ONYX Pro Systems to new year.

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