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Administrative Reports System

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Administrative Reports is system that includes miscellaneous groups of reports which meet the organization administration need to know its status and position and then use those information in making the necessary decisions.     
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Issuing the financial position, income, and cash flows statements.
  2. Displaying the trail balance deviation to compare it with profits, losses, and financial position.
  3. Following up daily or periodic reports of several financial and inventory balances.
  4. Accessing statistical financial and inventory reports with financial analysis ratios.
  5. Accessing reports of different business sales and purchases plans types.
  6. Displaying reports of expenditures, payrolls, and staff performance evaluation.
  7. Accessing miscellaneous administrative and statistical reports such as net sales, profit margin, following up customers and vendors, and others.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Regarded as the most important system of supporting good decisions in the organization.
  2. Flexibility of managing organization liabilities as well as controlling cash liquidity and cheques.
  3. The capability of carrying out the procedures of correcting any deviation when it is recognized.
  4. The organization depends on this system reports to study its new activities and projects.
  5. The contribution of its evaluations to control administrative processes as promotions, staff turnover, and others.
  6. Following up the summary of market variables, competitors, and chances of achieving the best performance.
  7. Displaying statistical reports about several cases in the default and graphic formats.

Administrative Reports System is total and detailed summaries of important table and graphic reports from ONYX Pro Software that represents the organization status and contributes to its future vision. 

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