General Ledger Systems

General Ledger System

Accounts Management Systems
General Ledger System
General Ledger System is the heart of financial accounting. It manages cash, accounting entries and financial reports.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Impacting cash in hand and cash at bank by receivables, payables, deposits, transfers, and accounts adjustments. 
  2. Cheques management and processing banks reconcilation with the differences in organization records and bank tally.
  3. Issuing control requests for transactions and approve them in entries and vouchers.
  4. Counting cash in hand  according to the applied procedures in the organization.
  5. Issuing miscellaneous reports such as: account statement, general journal, trial balance, profits and losses, balance sheet, …etc.
  6. Carrying out the transactions of  matching and required financial adjustments between accounts.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Direct displaying of transactions and knowing the organization’s financial status.
  2. Following up installments payment, and cheques collection as wella as specifying and paying liabilities.
  3. Matching accounts transaction and following up the accurals of customers and vendors.
  4. Designing cash flows, final, and financial statements reports according to the organization.
  5. Evaluating the organozation business outcomes by profit and loss reports during any dfined period.

General ledger System is the financial interface whose accounts are integrated with carried out transaction in all ONYX Pro Systems.

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