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Auditing and Posting Management

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Auditing and Posting Management System
Auditing & Posting Management is system for auditing accountants documents on transactions and approved them by conformity, disconformity or rejection.

The Most Important Functions:
  1. Auditing different documents for all transactions that have financial imapct and approve them.
  2. Matching miscellaneous accounts statements with total balances or items details such as statements of customers, vendors, and others, in addition to carraying out the required processing.
  3. Monitoring accounts management and controlling performance …..

The Most Important Features:
  1. Not allowing carraying out any closing unless all documents are audited.
  2. The capability of issuing reports of audited and unaudited documents.
  3. Issuing reports that are displayed after auditing.
  4. Ensuring any transaction and its correct procedures before approving to be carried out.
  5. Evaluating the carried out transactions during any period.
  6. Issuing miscellaneous reports of audited and unaduited transactions; issuing accounts statements before and after auditing; and discovering the audited, unaudited and rejected transactions.  

Auditing & Posting Management System achieves consolidation of precise and specialized procedures of auiditing transactions that have financial imapct from any system of ONYX Pro ERP.

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