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LC Management

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Accounts Management Systems
LC Management System
LC Management System manages carrying out all types iof ncoming and outcoming LC with the capability of expending, cancelling or forfeiting LCs.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Inputting all types of LCs as well as defining the accouts that may be affected by them.
  2. Issuing all types of LCs such as real state, commercial, personal, in kind, ..etc with option of affecting accounts or not.
  3. Cofirming LC expension by available options such as validity period, increase or decrease the amount. 
  4. Following up LCs  through miscellaneous reports and many optons as: types, status, and phases.
  5. Inputting data of bank guaranties, commissions, guaranties charges, and its imapcts.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Following up business that have coveraged with  guarantees related to completion dates or accruals  and conformity with LC requirements.
  2. Handling the incoming and outgoing LCS and recognizing related commitments.
  3. The capability of handling various types of commercial, real estate, bank, and the other guarantees.

LCs are legal and precautious procedures related to purchases and projects execution for which all ONYX Pro systems are used.

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