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Budget Management System

Budget is an actual plan for financial period of future. It is used by the organization to achieve its goals as is the tool of planning, controlling, coordinating,communicating, motivating, monitoring, evaluating, processing any violation.      

The Most Important Functions:
  1. Issuing budget draft according to any needed period (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly) or according to format wanted by the organization management.
  2. Issuing quick budget to work on it  such as using the budget of previous year by adding a percentage on it.
  3. The capability of executing procedures of transfer between budget items.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Changing the organization strategy to work program and ensuring that transactions are carried out correctly to achieve its  goals defined  in budget.
  2. The capability to work on multi-version budget until the approval of planned budget approved.
  3. Expecting before occurrence by using the available options in the budget.
  4. Motivating employees to do their best with the participation of their managers in budgets preparation and considering those budgets as actual ones could be achieved.
  5. Comparing the actual results of budgets, processing the negative results and encouraging the positive results.
  6. Linking the results of budget performance evaluation with incentives and personal expertise.

Budget Management System is fully integrated with ONYX Pro Software as it deals with the items of sale, purchase, operation, performance evaluation and business results in all organization’s activities.

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