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Fixed Assets  Management system

Fixed Assets Management System is used for the organization’s fixed assets management from inputting, depreciation and other transactions such as tranfers, and additions until  asset expiration by selling or excluding it from records. 
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Defining the asset related financial and non-financial data.
  2. Inputting assets transfer transactions either  between brnaches, cost centers, sites or employees.
  3. Carrying out transactions of asset appreciation, depreciation or exclusion either in quantites or values.
  4. Recording transactions of assets depreciations calculation and adjustments carried out in quantites or values.
  5. Carrying out transactions of assets evaluation in the market values when assets values are expired or renewed.
  6. Inputting transactions of assets stocktaking and comparing with on hand balances, with the capability of evaluation.
  7. the capability of converting warehouse items to assets; or fixed assets to warehouse items.     

The Most Important Features:
  1. Loading every period with what its allocations when carrying out transactions of depreciation, addition or exclusion.
  2. Linking assets with sites, cost centers, activities, and projects.
  3. Following up asset’s movements, place of existence, stocktaking, depreciations, and recognizing its variable states.
  4. Depreciating asset to the colose day or month; and allowing stopped and experied asset depreciation.
  5. Displaying productivity efficiency data of asset and expenses disbursed on.
  6. Providing future data about assets and their remaining ages.
  7. Issuing multiple reports such as: assets dat, movements, depreciations, ….etc.

Fixed Assets Management System links ONYX Pro Systems by influence on accounts and cost centers. It achieves flexibility of assest movement between different accounting entities, cost centers or even persons.

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