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Inventory Management Systems
 10    Inventory Management System
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Inventory Management System is used for warehouses management. It is used for inputting items;  in addition to that  its inventory transactions and detailed reports achieve precise efficiency and security of anticipated risks.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Classifying goods to stock groups to achieve effective management for all stock of goods types and stock of consumed.
  2. Issuing initial orders for out stock goods to supply sales ports with required items.
  3. Inputting stock transactions like transfer, release, and items assembly that have financial impact on related accounts. 
  4.  Automatic control for goods costs and stock value by approved methods of stock costs calculation.
  5. Issuing miscellaneous reports for monitoring stock age and turnover management between branches.      

The Most Important Features:
  1. Configuring stock flexibly by goods type, cost, or classification …etc.
  2.  Setting up inventories easily with multiple options.
  3. Issuing daily or periodic reports with information supporting the organization’s administrative decision.
  4. Knowing start of handing Item, its transaction, its evaluation and its relationship to the organization performance. 
  5.  Achieving various control for all inputs and uses of stock.
  6. Controlling inventory transactions and auditing them before approving their impact on accounts.

Inventory Management System transactions impact accounts, vendors, purchases, customers and even MRP systems so that it has pivotal and important relationship with ONYX Pro Systems. 

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