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 11   Stocktaking System

Stock-taking System achieves carrying out all types of stocktaking: periodic or annual stocktaking; or receiving or delivery of warehouses to get the actual stocktaking and stock balance in system.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Defining types of multiple stocktaking that will be used in the organization and branches.
  2. Defining and configuring devices of stocktaking such as Android  or Pocket PC to stocktaking goods in sites and ensuring of inputting each item quantity and data.
  3. Inputting the process of stocktaking to system in case of using manual inventories or direct stocktaking in system.
  4. Importing files of stocktaking from devices  (if used) to Stock Management System.
  5. Issuing reoprts of stocktaking surplus or decrease to know the quantities  differences between the results of  actual stocktaking and system balances.  

The Most Important Features:
  1. The capability of stocktaking via any device of android system or  Pocket PC via special settings that can be configured easily.
  2. The capability of gathering quantities of parted stocktaking in many documents of stocktaking or sites, …etc.
  3. Handling the stocktaking differences through studying, making required decisions, and adujusting them.
  4. The process of stocktaking via manual technical devices (devices) is effective tool for those who have numerous items or carrying out multiple times of stocktaking during a year.

Stocktaking Results can be adjusted in stock management system that is linked with multiple and various accounts and which have pivotal  and essential relation with ONYX Pro Systems.

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