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Sales management system to manage everything related to sales transactions from quotations, orders, sales, returns and sales reports and statistics analysis.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. The capability of coding multiple types of sales, orders, returns and sales charges.
  2. Completing, following up, evaluating all sales procedures such as issuing customers orders and quotations as well as inputting sales and returns bills.
  3. Crediting the financial impact automatically on accounts related to revenues and receivables, cash and others.
  4. Handling promotional offers in flexible and multiple options.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Configuring sales management system flexibly with respect to prices, serialization mechanism of invoices returns, method of granting free items and discounts, in addition to preparing promotional offers and so on.
  2. Issuing data reports about sales transactions, returns, customers orders, and quotations in form of total or detailed and in multiple options.
  3. The capability of issuing comparison reports that includes required information in various options. 

Sales Management System is fully integrated to all ONYX Pro Systems.

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