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Maintenance Service System for developing maintenance workshops performance in following up their ongoing services provision after the sale of products in industrial companies or their agencies.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Receiving and checking machines as well as clients data needed by the company.
  2. Issuing operation orders by machine type, service, and parts that the client’s machine may require.
  3. Following up operation orders and service execution phases; and recording all necessary details.
  4. Approving the final report of maintenance; and issuing machine out permit. 

The Most Important Features:
  1. Following up received machines status in maintenance until they have been delivered to clients.  
  2. Evaluating engineers performance and provided services by company. 
  3. Following up amounts disbursed or received for operation orders.
  4. Classifying all company services and dealing with them as service items.
  5. Showing operation order with details in sales invoice to be issued as an invoice.
  6. Issuing miscellaneous reports to follow up operation orders, clients machines, engineers performance level with various options that help in work analysis and development.  

Maintenance Services are due warrantees for clients and carried out by companies that need ONYX Pro systems for enterprises resources management. Maintenance Services System in the company workshop is a deserved trait for the company and clients.

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