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Bank Credits Management System breaks time barrier in calculating the costs of defined unit from targeted goods to analyze its costs from the origin to company warehouse.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Inputting various bank credits data and linking them with credit account and expenses.
  2. Configuring credits costs types such as: (FOB – CIF – CF): in addition to the capability of coding and adding the additional expenses.
  3. Distributing credit expenses amounts in many methods according to company desire.
  4. Handling invoices related to credits and following up their accruals.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Following up all types of foreign purchases as well as and inputting expenses.
  2. The capability of using multi- payment credit.
  3.  Analyzing purchases costs and adding fair percentage of expenses to items.
  4. Speed following up of bank credit data, order, cargo, movement, and arrival.
  5. Issuing miscellaneous overall and detailed reports of credit and items costs.

Bank Credits Management is related to financial registration for credit value, expenses, and close. All these are carried out in ONYX Pro systems

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