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Vendors Management Systems
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Accounts Payable is system for defining vendors, vendors data management, following up all related to them, analyzing their levels, and their accruals reports.      
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Opening vendors account as well as inputting its detailed data and all its links as one account linked to group.
  2. Carrying out system transactions such as requests of quotation, purchase, and release in addition to purchase orders, supply, and …etc.
  3. Writing and issuing vendors contracts to follow up their implementation and the other procedures.
  4. Identifying vendor indebtedness document when you make payment.
  5. Inputting vendors invoices and following up accruals.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Following up due dates of vendor indebtedness and debts ages credited to organization account.
  2. Monitoring free items, discounts, and commissions for any defined period.
  3. Issuing miscellaneous detailed and overall reports for vendors and accrued invoices.

Accounts Payable System is fully integrated with ONYX Pro systems.

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