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Purchases Management is system to manage purchase transactions procedures in all stages. It depends on competition; as well as declares purchases standards and specifications.   
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Issuing and validating purchase requests in all different departments of company.
  2. Inputting vendors quotations and studying them to select the best.
  3. Coding vendors discounts and free quantities by item.
  4. Issuing purchases invoices, delivery permissions, and purchase returns invoices.
  5. Calculating purchases costs, discounts, and cost per unit with expenses.

The Most Important Features:
  1. The capability of distributing purchases expenses through options based on items groups classification in different percentages.
  2. The multiplicity of warehouses in purchase orders, invoices and delivery permissions.
  3. Following up delivery dates of purchases batches.
  4. Issuing detailed and overall reports for purchase transactions in multiple options such as purchase invoices, returns and net purchases.
  5. The capability of handling services as classified items to carry out procurement procedures on them.

Purchases Management System is a mediator between the organization’s vendors of goods and its warehouses.  It is fully integrated module with Onyx Pro systems.

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