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Payroll Management System is the financial record for employee during any defined period. The quality of payroll management means the fair impact on the organization’s operational expenses.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Coding and verifying payroll regulations and policies according the organization documents and the state’s local laws.
  2. Defining employees salaries from basic items, allowances, deductions and others according to the organization regulations and renewable administrative decisions.
  3. Calculating staff payrolls and approving them before their impact on the final payrolls records.
  4. Approving, following up, and scheduling employees advances according to the organization policy.
  5. Inputting the monthly financial variables of employee from accruals and deductions; and adjusting them according the applied regulations.
  6. Issuing multiple reports about accruals and payrolls according to the user option in report designer.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Adapting and configuring system according to the organization’s business nature and staff.
  2.  Monitoring the employee financial transactions and their impact on his/her dues.
  3. Archiving payrolls records for multiple years to be displayed at any time.
  4. Speed preparing and issuing payrolls.
  5. Displaying accumulative reports for staff payrolls in multiple options.
  6. Following up advances balances and their clearance as well imprests and reimbursement.

Payroll Management System is fully integrated with ONYX Pro System.

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