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Human Resources Management System is designed to manage personnel affairs related to procedures, services, and others.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Carrying out the processes of staff nomination, selection, and recruitment.
  2. Archiving staff information and documents.
  3. Defining,  managing and monitoring  expenses regulations such as travel, transportation, medication, incentives, promotions, bonuses and others according to the organization  policy, regulations and local laws.
  4. Defining, managing and following up irregularities that result in administrative action.
  5. Handling administrative decisions; and carrying out procedures related to implementation.
  6. Carrying out staff performance appraisal in accordance with the performance evaluation models and adopted methodology by the organization to do so.
  7. Handling requirements, training plans, performance, results, control and evaluation.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Quick displaying of any employee information and analyzing his/her status.
  2. Monitoring the employee movement as well as his/her movements since he /she starts till his/her service termination easily.
  3. Accessing the employee historical record (medical, leaves, absence, travel, irregularities, training, … etc.); and analyzing  the relationship of that with his/her work competence and personal productivity.
  4. Issuing miscellaneous reports in multiple options about employee, information, documents, movements and any details that show staff performance levels and help in making decisions.

Human Resources Managemt System indicates that the most important mediator between the system and ONYX Pro Systems is the employee targeted by this system concerned with activating the organization with all its systems.

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