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Import Financial Data System

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Import Financial Data System

Import Financial Data System: offers service of receiving financial transaction data from an external system (other than ONYX Pro Systems) and approving that transaction in the financial entries of ONYX Pro systems.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Importing financial transactions from different applications (text file - Excel - intermediate database).
  2. Fixing more than template for text files and Excel files in case of importing from multiple systems with different templates forms.
  3. Linking accounts and currencies, cash in hand, banks, customers, vendors and other charts when their configurations are different from charts configuration of ONYX Pro Systems.
  4. Defining documents types and their analytical types to distinguish the imported transitions from the linked external systems.
  5. Importing financial transactions directly to journal entries or journal voucher.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Flexibility of ONYX Pro System integration with specialized systems.
  2. Eliminating need to inputting financial transactions manually by importing them from systems via many applications.
  3. Displaying reports by the charts of ONYX Pro Systems and by external charts in the case of linking charts to facilitate matching.

The System of Linking with External Systems proves the capability of ONYX Pro Systems to handling requirements of clients who have a relationship with other software.

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