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24   Help & Instructions System

Help & Instructions System is part of office work enviroment for ONYX Pro Systems user to achive quality for the organization in fulfilling his/her tasks.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Creating list if favorite accounts, which are selected accounts from the chart of accounts, according to user privacy.
  2. Exchanging internal messages in system to facilitate their communication.
  3. Saving contact data of parties and persons with whom the organization wants to deal in addresses book to be used flexibly within ONYX Pro systems.
  4. Editing agenda of tasks to be carried out by users.
  5. Accessing to information of help with detailed instructions for ONYX Pro systems.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Quick access accounts that are always displayed.
  2. Safe and rapid communication with the administrator and co-workers via internal system messages.
  3. easy access to help information from any screen in the system.
  4. Agenda alert user about daily tasks that must be accomplished.

Help & Instructions System helps the user to accomplish his/her tasks in all ONYX Pro systems.

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