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ONYX Pro Mobile
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ONYX Pro Mobile is reports system designed in Web technology and linked with ONYX Pro systems database within the organization that can be accessed by user via his/ her account data to follow-up his/her business from the mobile screen.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Displaying final balances or analytical transactions of accounts defined in ONYX Pro Mobile, such as the accounts of: cash in hand, banks, customers, vendors, and others with options for displaying account currency, defined period, activity, cost center or project.
  2. Approving cash payment requests for by the authorized person according to the financial system and administrative privileges in the organization.
  3. Writing and exchanging internal messages of ONYX Pro systems with the rest of the users to exchange performance information and communicate.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Quick access accounts that are always displayed.
  2. Providing businessmen with numeral instantaneous statistics about their organizations performance.
  3. Facilitating the process of officers to follow-up their duties, arrange their priorities and direct their or employees efforts.
  4. Ensuring continue of operations performance by approving materials release or cash payment requests.
  5. Correcting any deviations of performance from plans or budgets through following up projects information extracts or business overall results.
  6. Assigning specific privileges to ONYX Pro Mobile user for data concerning him/her.
  7. Using any mobile internet browser to access the account.
  8. Accessing reports of use, evaluate and develop benefit of ONYX Pro Mobile.

Onyx Mobile is linked with all ONYX Pro systems; and cares about accounts related to decision making because the most important users of it is the company leaders, managers and  internal control.

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