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ONYX Pro Lite

Linkable Systems with ONYX Pro Package
 26    ONYX Pro Lite System
    POS System
    Shareholders Accounts Management System
    MRP Management System
    Transfer & Exchange System

ONYX Pro Lite is a mini version of ONYX Pro for companies branches. It runs according to granted privileges from the management and data are updated with the headquarter.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Carrying out sales transactions by issuing sales invoices, sales returns invoices, quotations, clients orders, receipt vouchers, and payment vouchers in sale centers.
  2. Carrying out inventory transactions such as the requests of stock release, stock transfer, and stock delivery as well as stocktaking.
  3. Updating data between the headquarter and branches by synchronization feature via network or telephone line.
  4. Controlling customers’ accounts of the branch in addition to cash in hand, banks and inventory transactions.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Facilitating sale and collection in branches and specifying debt limit for the client that cannot be exceeded.
  2. Controlling configuration of branch data and users privileges by the management.
  3. Displaying reports for cash in hand, banks, and items transactions in addition to sales of organization branches.
  4. Following up clients’ requests and accounts details easily.

Onyx Pro Lite is an advantage for companies branches which are unconnected with to the headquarter network (off line) that ONYX Pro systems will be in the headquarter while the branch will be controlled via ONYX Pro Lite version for limited transactions.

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