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27   POS System
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    Transfer & Exchange System

POS System is used by cashiers to manage and organize payment of clients purchases amounts quickly and easily in retails and shoping malls.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Direct selling via automatic reading for items barcodes and issuing the client’s invoice.
  2. Receiving the invoice amount in any defined currency of the system and in various methods of payment (cash, on credit, credit card, purchase coupons, returned invoice).
  3. Handling promotional offers and discount rates on sold goods.
  4. Processing and monitoring cash returns and replacements according to the organization policy.
  5. Inputting clearances of cashiers’ sales and daily financial imprests ; matching them with actual sales; generating  entries of deficit or surplus differences automatically.
  6. Posting total sales and returns every day for each cashier by the points of sales he/she used.

The Most Important Features:
  1. The capability of selling directly on main server or on sub servers to be posted later to the main server.
  2. The capability of defining a POS to receive cash and other points for selling and issuing invoices.
  3. Quick transaction of selling accurately and efficiently with the capability of keyboard configuration for specific items.
  4. Issuing multiple reports in detailed options for cash and on credit sales, discounts, returns, net sales and …etc. at the level of every point of sale and cashier (user).
  5. Handling the weighted items via updating their data and prices in scales.
  6. Monitoring cashiers (users) sales and transactions of points in addition to getting statistical indicators for that.
  7. The capability to specifying the level of pricing for POS when needed.
  8. Granting clients of on credit secret numbers as well as monitoring their indebtedness ceiling.

POS System is fully integrated with Sales, Inventory and GL systems.

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