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Shareholders Accounts Management

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28   Shareholders Accounts Management System
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Shareholders Accounts Management System manages transactions in the shareholding companies.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Configuring the main inputs of the system related to shareholders, types of carried out transactions, their personal data and their shares.
  2. Preparing and executing the process of issuing new   defined for subscription during specified period.
  3. Executing process of shareholders transactions such as selling and buying, adding legacy, endowments, concession, mortgage, shareholders notifications, and cancel their detention and others.
  4. Issuing certificates for all shareholders types.
  5. Calculating shareholders dividends of defined period or previous periods of investment.
  6. Appling of the administration's decision to release permission to distribute dividends for shareholders, transfer them to their accounts or detain   with adding the reasons for detention.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Saving shareholders data such as their ID cards, state of their shares and their dividends.
  2. Issuing shareholders dividends automatically and collecting them from any of organization branches.
  3. Submitting shareholders certificates to the shareholder himself or those who delegate for this purpose.
  4. Ending mortgage or detention cases when the shareholder approve that.
  5. Issuing many and detailed reports for multiple purposes such as shares transactions, calculating and distributing dividends, shareholders data and documents.

Shareholders Accounts Management System is fully integrated with ONYX Pro Systems and can be stand alone.

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