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Money Transfer and Exchange

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30   Transfer & Exchange System

Money Transfer & Exchange is a software designed to manage transactions of currencies exchange and express money transfer locally and internationally   between branches and agents linked with the headquarter database.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Configuring system in accordance with work procedures in the organization as well as local and international laws.
  2. Defining users and agents data; linking them to database; and granting them the necessary privileges.
  3. Inputting, archiving, and sending outcoming transfers by user. 
  4. Displaying incoming transfers of branches and agents; in addition to well as archiving recipients information.
  5. Processing transactions of buying and selling currencies via multiple payment methods and cheques purchasing.
  6. Displaying transactions reports according to every agent privileges.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Exchanging money transfers with branches or agents easily in high and reliable safety levels.
  2. Express transfer receipt from any branch or agent in any currency other than the currency of transfer.
  3. Withdrawing, depositing, transferring from account to account as well as handling clients deposits who do not have accounts.
  4. The capability of importing transfers data from another system with templates designed for that.
  5. Adding web feature on the system allows agents and branches to send transfers online and following up their balances on web.
  6. Issuing a number of reports with multiple options at the level of transaction, user, branch, agent, or uncollected transfers, …etc.

Money Transfer & Exchange is a special software for an activity practiced by trading organization that needs for ONYX Pro systems whose accounts are fully integrated with Money Transfer & Exchange.

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