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Limousine System

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Limousine System is designed to manage cars rental transactions and ensure readiness for service in accordance with specific settings adopted by the organization for performance quality and to achieve targeted revenues.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Defining data of organization, branches, users, drivers, cars types, conditions, and insurance; in addition to linking them with related accounts.
  2. Coding banks, maintenance, clients, and the lease periods, prices (daily, weekly, monthly).
  3. Inputting transaction of car rental, rental extension with or without driver, client type, conditions and car state, time of receipt and return, calculated pricing and so on.
  4. Registering the process of car returning to the organization; and inputting its status as a vacant car for rental.
  5. Issuing miscellaneous reports for the transactions of contracts, extension, cars receipt, movement and bills move, and cases of return and reporting total and detailed options permits, return status, and notification in total and detailed options in addition to other reports for settings.

The Most Important Features:
  1. The capability of fixing or modifying rental price according to the organization policy.
  2. Inputting the general status of car facilitate comparison of the car status before and after rental transaction. 
  3. Showing alerts about car maintenance schedules periodically, change its oil, renew drivers' licenses or …etc.
  4. The capability of coding violations committed during cars rental period.
  5. Specifying the car journey consumption between branch and another in case of transfer for use in another branch.
  6. Saving backups to ensure data safety and facilitate retrieval in the proper time.
  7. Handling Taxi Limousine Services or cars rental services for any specific period.

Limousine System is fully integrated with ONYX Pro Systems.

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