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Real Estate Management System is designed to manage the real-estate investment and maintenance, providing services of selling, buying, leasing and other services.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Defining real estate with necessary data and identifying its type (building, land, villas, apartments).
  2. Editing contract of lease or sale of the defined real estate including all specified details such as lease period, payments installments, commissions, and services, …etc..
  3. Issuing real estate services invoices described in the contract to pay its financial commitments.
  4. Handling clients requirements such as contract extension or termination, grace period, or notifications or maintenance request, …etc.
  5. Booking an appointment to visit a real estate and editing a minute of implemented with real estate owners or investors.

The Most Important Features:
  1. The flexibility of access to real estate data such as size, image, location, landlords tenants, and services data.
  2. Issuing alerts of contracts expiration of and payment installments.
  3. The capability of querying about non-leased real estate or tenants.
  4. Handling daily lease such as business and occasions halls and events.

Real Estate Management system is fully integrated with Onyx Pro Systems.

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