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Cargo Parcels Management System is designed to use of international and local organizations of parcels cargo according to pricing policy by weights and regions.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Configuring prices and discounts according to region, currency and weight slides.
  2. Defining prepaid bills of landing and initializing marketing them to clients.
  3. Inputting parcels and issuing the bill of lading either internal or external in their prices, destination information and recipient.
  4. Registering bills of landing prices for customers, whether in cash or on credit.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Configuring regions flexibly according to the organization policy of pricing.
  2. Calculating due charges such as taxes and others automatically.
  3. The capability of calculating commissions for representatives in accordance with organization policy.
  4. Monitoring used and unused resources and destination of landing bills.
  5. Issuing detailed and total reports of sales, charges and others.

Cargo Management System proves the capability of ONYX Pro Systems to integrate with requirements of cargo clients in influencing the financial and accounting systems.

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