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Gas & Oil Stations

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34   Gas & Oil Stations Management System

Gas & Oil Stations Management System is designed to monitor counters sales for each user, manage procedures of sales transactions and post them to system automatically.
The Most Important Functions:
  1. Configuring prices and discounts according to region, currency and weight slides.
  2. Defining counters data of gas stations and linking these counters with staff according to work period.
  3. Issuing prepaid coupons, issuing these coupons sales and handling them.
  4. Inputting on credit sales for the station certified clients via registering their invoices.
  5. Issuing staff sales and posting the deficit or surplus automatically.

The Most Important Features:
  1. Following up staff cash sales and matching with their counters readings.
  2. Following up coupons sales and on credit invoices.
  3. Evaluating staff sales.
  4. Issuing miscellaneous reports to evaluate gas & oil stations.

Gas & Oil Stations Management System is fully integrated with Onyx Pro ERP Systems.

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