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General Configuration System: define the company, its accounts and all related information; and build Chart of Accounts.
General Parameters: To define mutual basic data for ONYX Pro Systems such as chart of accounts, cost centers, organisational chart, staff data.
Control and Privileges System: .define users, control and backup
Closing and Locking System: .monthly & annual closing, and temporal locking
General Ledger System: .Cash management, accounting entries, and financial system reports
Auditing and Posting Management: .auditing accountants documents to approve or reject them and then post them
LC Management: .issuing letters of credits, following them up, and then prove their entries
Budget Management: .preparing budget plans and its deviation of the actual budget
Fixed Assets Management: asset information details, asset depreciation, and assets reports
Import Financial Data System: .to register external transaction in the financial entries of ONYX Pro
Inventory Management: defining, pricing, issuing reports and showing the transactions of items
Stocktaking: comparing the results of stocktaking with the actual balances (on hand quantities)
Customers Accounts: .Managing their data, following and analyzing the reports of their indebtedness
Sales Management: .Processing offers, orders, invoices and returns, and following up sales reports
Distribution Management: .Implementing the plans of promotion, sale, and collection, as well as collecting market data
Maintenance Service: .Following up checking and repairing phases, and monitoring goods under credit
Bank Credits Management: opening the credit, assigning its expenses, and following up its goods
Vendors Management: .managing the vendors data, analyzing their levels, and issuing reports of their dues
Purchases Management: managing the transactions of purchasing, calculating purchases costs, and issuing their reports
Time Attendance Management: system To control working hours automatically; and process work accounts according to the organization policy. It supports all kinds of fingerprint devices.
Payroll Management: To manage staff dues and deductions, control their advances, and issue their payslips
Human Resources Management: To process staff services such as recruitment, training and insurance; in addition to follow-up their performance, evaluation and other affairs
Electronic SMS System: .in defined balances or transactions for the higher management or customers
Help & Instructions: .internal massages, favorite accounts, addresses notebook, system instructions, … etc
Administrative Reports System: .summary reports and indicators for the higher management
ONYX Pro Mobile: .Browsing the incoming favorite statistics from the financial system to your mobile screen
.ONYX B.I.: ONYX Business Intelligence issues reports to support management decisions-making via analyzing organization data accurately and distinctive designs.
Performance Indicatores (Dashboard): To display the most important financial and administrative indicators that help in setting up the company
Production Costs Management: To calculate actual costs according to pre-set multiple criteria and standards of distribution in order to compare it with standard costs.
Production Control Management: To plan and control productive operations such as production scheduling, following up production phases, and controlling the factory
Production Quality Management: To perform the quality procedures of initial materials and ready products according to applied quality procedures in the organization.
ONYX Pro Lite: .small version of ONYX Pro for companies branches
POS: .is specified for direct sale to customers from retail shops and supermarkets
Shareholders Accounts Management: .for stocks management in stock companies
Money Transfer and Exchange: .for express transfer process management between branches, agents, and currency exchange
Limousine System: for accounting transactions in limousine service. It can be used separately or integrated with ONYX Pro.
Real Estate: Successful management of your real estate leads to expand your future property and maintain current revenues.
Parcels Cargo: .for processing the sales of Parcels and messages in accordance with the offers and policies of cargo
Gas & Oil Stations: .for processing the sales of Parcels and messages in accordance with the offers and policies of cargo
Invoices Management: To process the project's technical, financial andon't contracts details. It issues invoices according to the organization's work nature.
Fleet Management Solutions: One of Onyx Pro systems that enables you to run big size carrier, leasing and distribtion companies, and manage all aspects relating to distribution vehicles, leasing trailers, yachts or any type of fleet used in/directly.

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