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Frequently Asked Questions

What does upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP (V.7) mean?
It means the update of ONYX Pro ERP to the latest version. The latest version include new system functional features. The latest version is even more user-friendly, and helps more in the decision making process. 

What are the upgrade requirements?
There are certain requirement for the upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP V 7.5. Details are found on the: Upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP page http://www.onyxproerp.com/en/onyxpro.php?id=8

Why upgrade is important?
To benefit from the additional functionality and features, which have been included in the latest version. The new features have been added based on customer's feedbacks and requests, in addition to internal research and study. Furthermore,the latest version allows login to various ONYX Pro ERP modules through a single login window. Likwise, the latest versionis more scalable as it allows the addition and navigating between modules very easily.  

How much time does upgrade process take?
This depends on your current version, but in any case, the upgrade process takes less than one hour.

Who Should Upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP v7.5?
It's recommended to upgrade your ONYX Pro ERP version to utilize the new functionalities and features, and in order to get a better support and maintenance.

How do clients know that they need to upgrade ONYX Pro?
It is recommended to upgrade your ONYX Pro version.
We advise you to do the following:
  • Ask our customer support dept. to provide you with the  document of new version to understand new features.
  • If you have asked for any modifications, update or change then ask your administrator to make sure that it is included in the new version.
  • Contact our nearest branch to you to request the upgrade.

How Can I Know my Current ONYX Pro version?
You can get this through the log-in windows shown below.

Does any data get lost due to the upgrade?
No, the upgrade does not cause any data lose.
In addition, we always recommend that the customers should make sure the data is backed up on a regular basis.
                    Furthermore, our engineers should back up the data before commencing the upgrade.

Is it required to upgrade all accounting entities?
Its recommended to upgrade all the implemented modules in all accounting entities to utilize all new features.  

Why does not the Upgrade appear as an optio during Log-In?
This is most probably because your ONYX Pro system does not use any internet connection (For Security Reasons) .

Can the clients do the upgrade themselves using the ONYX Pro ERP website?
This option is unavailable because the upgrade process must be conducted online or on-site by an experienced engineer in order to avoid any possible errors. Moreover, on-site or on-line upgrade is preferred for security related reasons. Furthermore, on-line or on-site upgrade takes much less time.

How can clients know the new features in order to decide whether to upgrade or no?
It is highly recommended to upgrade your ONYX Pro system for many reasons irrespectively. To understand new functionalities and features, please refer to the following links :